Recently hit an error where AppVolumes did not register my lab vcenter successfully.

My lab vcenter is signed by an internal CA. 

From the log /var/log/av-manager/production.log

\[2016-05-02 05:30:56 UTC\]    P2455R400 ERROR   RvSphere: Failed to connect to vSphere at "": SSL\_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed
\[2016-05-02 05:30:56 UTC\]    P2455R400  INFO Completed 400 Bad Request in 46.6ms (Views: 0.7ms | ActiveRecord: 8.4ms)

As per the official documentation, we need to append the CA cert into the file /usr/local/av-manager/config/cacert.pem in PEM format. (PEM Format is the base64 format that you can download from the MS CA) I was still facing the same error even after appending the MS CA cert into the cacert.pem file.

Was able to finally resolve this by enabling SSL validation. AppVolumes was able to successfully register vCenter.

root@appvolumes: /etc/wemi/utils/enable\_ssl\
Setting DISABLE\_SSL\_VALIDATION to 0 in /etc/profile
Restarting xmp...
Restaring av-manager...
Shutting down App Volumes Manager
Directory is /usr/local/av-manager
App Volumes Manager is stopped
Starting App Volumes Manager
Directory is /usr/local/av-manager
Waiting for upstream.conf
Waiting for upstream.conf
nginx running, reloading  nginx config...
 * Reloading nginx nginx                                                                                       \[ OK \]
Check /var/log/av-manager/svmanager\_server.log for detailed status...
App Volumes Manager is running