The /var/log/oms/oms.log shows the following error:

[2015-03-26T02:07:22.358+0000] INFO  localhost-startStop-1| Registering extension vService at: [https:///vsm/extensionService]( token=0c04c904607229dcd9e60f16872898adefbfbdb7

[2015-03-26T02:07:22.401+0000] ERROR localhost-startStop-1| Failed Extension registration to [https://vsm/extensionService]( **No subject alternative names matching IP address  found**

So what does that error mean?
The vcenter server ip/fqdn that was specified during the deployment of the VMware Integrated Openstack vAPP does not exist in the common name/subject alternate name of the vCenter Server’s certificate.

How do I get past this?
In the OMS server, edit the /opt/vmware/vio/etc/ file and replace the ip/fqdn of the vCenter Server with the correct fqdn.

If OMS is registered to the vCenter server appliance and if the appliance is using the default certificate:

  1. Confirm that the vCenter server appliance has the correct fqdn configured
  2. Regenerate the vCenter server appliance certificate
  3. Restart the vCenter server appliance.
  4. Restart the VMware Integrated Openstack vApp.
  5. Reload the vSphere Webclient.