Ran into a known bug and the solution was to completely uninstall and redeploy VMware Integrated Openstack.

So how exactly do you uninstall and clean up a VMware Integrated Openstack install?

  • Delete all VM’s deployed by VIO
  • Delete all logical switches, edges and firewall rules that have been created in NSXv/Portgroups in dvSwitch
  • Power off and delete the VIO vApp
  • Unregister the VIO plugin from vCenter Server
    1. Login to the following URL, https://< vcenter server ip/FQDN>/mob/?moid=ExtensionManager
    2. Select UnregisterExtension
    3. Unregister the following Extensions, com.vmware.openstack.ui, com.vmware.openstack.vcext.instance-xx, org.openstack.compute, org.os.vmw.plugin
    4. If the Method Invocation Result is void, the extension has been successfully unregistered.
    5. Logout and login back to the vSphere Web Client.