Seen this error, There are stopped jobs, when exiting/logging out of the terminal window?

Well, as I’ve come to know, this is to do with linux jobs.

In order to see the current stopped jobs, type the command, jobs

To send an existing program that you are working on to the background and continue working at the shell prompt, use, ctrl+z.

To continue with the program that you have sent to the background, use the command, fg . If you have only one job that is sent to the background, use the command, fg.

For e.g. Say i’m reading a man page for the command ‘less’: man less

If i need to run another command on the shell, i type, ctrl+z and run the new command. In order to get back to manual page i was reading, i will have to use the command, fg

So, when you see the message that you have stopped jobs, run the command jobs, quit the jobs that are running and you should be good to go.