Ive been hearing a lot about static sites lately. This post is a run down of all the steps I took to move my blog from blogger to a static site.

Before we begin, few gotchas

  • My blog is relatively small. About 60 odd posts
  • I decided to use Netlify as my CDN.
  • Used Hugo to generate the static content.
  • Used the PaperMod theme

Reasons why I decided to go to a static site

  • Writing posts using just text files. Blogging as code! Hello vscode!
  • Got bored with the layout of my current blog
  • Wanted to get familiar with git
  • Wanted to get familiar with markdown

Summary of all the steps I took to move my blog from blogger to a static site:

cd unknownfault
git submodule add https://github.com/adityatelange/hugo-PaperMod.git themes/PaperMod --depth=1
  • Customized the config.yml file using xcode and documentation from the PaperMod theme. To start, set the theme by editing config.yml
theme: "PaperMod"
  • Exported my blog from blogger as an xml file.
  • Used blog2md to extract and create blog posts in markdown format - https://github.com/palaniraja/blog2md
    blog2md will create a folder with all of the posts and comments in separate text files, formatted in markdown.
  • You can test your site locally using the command hugo server -D
  • Push changes back to the repository
git add *
git commit -m "Blog update"
git push origin main
  • Create a new site using the github repository in netlify
  • Publish site through netlify