In the DRS Resource Distribution Chart, CPU utilization is displayed on a per virtual machine basis, grouped by host. The chart shows information for each virtual machine as a colored box, which symbolizes the percentage of entitled resources that are delivered to it. If the virtual machine is receiving its entitlement, this box should be green. If you hold the pointer over the box for a virtual machine, its utilization information (Consumed versus Entitlement) is displayed. If the box is not green for an extended period of time, we need to investigate host load, resource contention etc.

Percentage of entitled resource delivered is calculated using the formula,

% Entitled Resource Delivered = Consumed/(min(Demand,Entitlement)) * 100

where, Consumed: is defined as the actual CPU usage measured in Mhz Demand: is defined as the amount of CPU resources a virtual machine would use if there was no CPU contention or CPU limit measured in Mhz. Entitlement: is defined as the CPU resources devoted by the ESXi scheduler based on shares, limits and reservation measured in Mhz.

Consumed, Demand and Entitlement stats can be viewed at a per VM basis using performance charts.

In the chart options, select Consumed, Demand, Entitlement and Usage in Mhz counters